Empowering Women Physically and Mentally
15420957_10153879319002396_3232785529858651815_nLooking for a high intensity cardio workout mixed with basic kickboxing and Muay Thai technique?  If so, Women’s Fit-Kick classes is your perfect fit! Our program is the perfect way to build lean muscle and increase your endurance without being stuck on a treadmill. A plain gym workout is no match for our class. The class structure is very similar to the coed beginner adult Muay Thai/Kickboxing  program, with a slightly higher intensity.  Classes are led by Coach Dave.   This class will always give you a satisfying workout!

Lose Weight and Tone Up + Relieve Stress! + Feel Confident and Healthy
What you will need
Shorts, leggings or sweat pants & t-shirt, hand wraps, shin guards and water. Students are welcome to use the club gloves and shin guards, but are encouraged to purchase their own in the future.