September 1st, 2018

New Classes & Age Groups!


Muay Thai Intro (4-6 years old) :

A 30 minute introduction program to the movements and skills required for Muay Thai (punches, kicks, knees and elbows). Although the instruction time is only 30 minutes long, the gym will be open 15 minutes prior to class for students to warm up and become acquainted with peers and the gym.

In a fun and structured environment students will learn:
Basic footwork
Hand placement
Proper techniques
Gym etiquette

Muay Thai Kids (7-10 years old):
45 minute class focussing on proper technique and training routine. The structure will allow for a more disciplined approach to Muay Thai. Class will begin with a team warmup, include combination drills and no head contact sparring and end with light body conditioning.
Muay Thai Youth (11-15 years old):
1 hour class focussing on the importance of discipline, dedication and self-motivation. Team based training atmosphere that allows each student to fulfill their own goals. Each session will include conditioning and training that will allow the individual athlete to work at their fitness level achieving their own personal fitness and Muay Thai goals.